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Student Achievements & 奖

Celebrating Student Achievement 

There are different opportunities for students to celebrate their achievements including our annual prize giving and termly Celebration of Achievement assemblies.


体内英里 is the way for students to be rewarded as they progress through the school: the system allows teachers to award students electronic achievement points called “Vivos” which are redeemable on a wide selection of rewards from a customised catalogue.

Students and parents/carers are given personalised log in details, and can check how many Vivos have been awarded by logging on to the 体内英里 website. 

Achievement/Vivo points are awarded to students for academic attainment and sustained effort and enthusiasm. They are also awarded for any contributions made within the school and the wider community.

An achievement entry is completed electronically on the school information management system (SIMs) by the referring member of staff. 体内英里 then automatically pulls the achievement data from SIMS.

In Years 12 and 13 the information is also used by tutors to write references for UCAS and job applications.

Resilient Rutlishians 奖

This is a termly programme to recognise and promote initiatives and characteristics which strengthen our community and develop individual resilience and character traits.


Outstanding contribution to the life of Rutlish.

I persist when it’s difficult: spark – resourcefulness-creativity-innovation-initiative.

I am aware of those around me: self-awareness – reflection – independence – self-management – confidence – positivity – aspiration.

I work well with others: reciprocity – camaraderie – friendship – teamwork – compassion.

I use my initiative to lead others well: professionalism – integrity – respect – loyalty – discipline – responsibility – honesty – kindness – passion – consideration.

I respect all races, 种族, cultures and personal choices: Beyond Bullying – Positive ethos – respect – inclusive – act of kindness – anti-bullying act/work – campaign.

I work independently and use my skills wisely: eloquence – craftsmanship – effective communication – financial literacy.

I put effort in to all I do: endeavour – grit – resilience – determination – challenge – perseverance – courage.

Celebration of Achievement Assemblies

Achievement Assemblies are held termly and are an excellent opportunity to celebrate achievements in a formal, high profile manner. There are a wide range of categories that students are recognised including; house records, attendance and punctuality, respect medals, Resilient Rutlishian 奖  and rewards for the number of achievement/Vivo points achieved.


We celebrate the success of our students at 奖给 during the autumn term. The evening is attended by students and guest to recognise not only academic progress and achievement, but also achievements and progress in a number of areas of school life, including sporting, artistic and dramatic contribution, leadership roles and community service.

Jack Petchey Achievement 奖

The Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme enables schools to recognise effort, endeavour and achievement of young people. 点击这里 for information about the Jack Petchey Foundation.